Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Ideas

Last year, we had a great day doing all kinds of fun learning and playing activities.  Arts and crafts, treats, a walk, complete with very green outfits.  I just copied and pasted this from my family blog, so if things are worded funny, that's why.  Unfortunately, most of the printable ideas, I got from The Mailbox magazine, which is copyrighted, so I can't share them with you.  But hopefully you can get some good ideas from the pictures, and have a super-fun St. Patrick's Day with your school or kids!

Our Super-Fun St. Patrick's Day

We had a great day, and I thought I'd tell you all about it, in addition to recording it for the kids for the future. Haylee is so sweet... she just loves life and loves it when we do fun things. She had such a great time. Makes me want to do stuff like this with her much more often.

The Green Family
We went to Brandon's work later in the day and they loved how we were all dressed up in so much green. Brandon says they called us "The Green Family" for the rest of the day and the next one.

We were going to read and eat Green Eggs and Ham, but Daddy got to come home early so we went to his work with him and out to lunch instead. We got a donut with green sprinkles. Haylee of course loved it.
McKay got to play with a 'pot of gold' at Daddy's work:

Haylee played a game where she covered the letter L's with "Lucky Leprechaun" while I sang a song. She loved it and she got them all right!

McKay got green yogurt! Mmmm...

And played with his green dinosaur... Love the smile on his face.

Haylee did this activity where she helped the Leprechaun get to his pot of gold by tracing his rainbow with colors. She's going to be a tough one to get homework done with. Eesh!

Once Haylee helped the Leprechaun get to his pot of gold, he shared some of his gold with her. She of course loved that. (Click to enlarge.)
After that she decorated a bag for our 'green walk.'

She had a great time on our walk.... gathering green stuff she saw to make a collage out of later.

McKay was on our walk too. What a cute boy!

Haylee used green glue to glue the stuff onto her paper.

She loves doing stuff like this, including her "scapbooking." She's going to be so much fun doing arts and crafts with... Mamma's little girl.

We played a game where she built a rainbow while I sang a song about the color names and ordinal numbers that she was putting up... "The red part goes up first..."
McKay got to eat yummy green veggies for dinner... mmm!

We followed directions to make a special "Pot of Gold" dessert... Haylee is all about anything sugary, so she had a blast.

Smashed up mint oreo's for the pot, mint chocolate chip ice cream, banana slices for the gold coins, green cool whip and green sprinkles... Delicious!

Isn't she gorgeous???
What a face! We had a great day didn't we baby girl? Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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  1. I'm glad!! I remember this post last year and I am looking forward to some pictures for this coming St.Patrick's. :) I love St. Patrick's. It's fun!!



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